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For anybody investing overseas, what are the five most important tax considerations they need to make?
If I invest overseas then when and where do I pay income tax?
When does the tax year start and end in overseas countries?
Can I choose which country I pay tax in? For example the tax rate may be cheaper in the country where I hold my overseas property?
Can I sell my overseas contract and avoid tax?
R. Graham writes: How do the various taxes (e.g. Income, Council, etc.) compare with the UK and other European countries. Which European countries have the most favourable tax regimes at various levels of income?

A. Morgan writes: We are thinking of moving to Southern Spain in a couple of years time when we retire, but we are worried that property prices are going to be too high in the area in a few years time because of the influx of British people moving there. Should we scrape together what we can now and buy something bigger now, or hold on to see what the market is like in 5 years time?

We are thinking of buying a house in the Costa del Sol area next year. We were wondering how easy it is to have a Spanish mortgage? We will not be permanent residents in Spain. Will this affect the mortgage? If so, how much can we borrow?

There is a lot of confusing jargon used when talking about currency exchange. Can you explain this into simple English?

If I have a car accident in Spain with a Spanish driven vehicle what should I do?

I am buying a property in Spain after Christmas and want advice on foreign exchange rates. Shall I ring a currency broker?

I have heard that Spain is installing speed cameras everywhere. I hope that Spain is not going to become like the UK where profit is the motive for camera rather than road safety?

I’ve recently heard that the Spanish property market is no longer worth investing in – is this true?

We are in the process of selling our villa in Murcia and wondered what are roles of ‘escritura’ and ‘notary’ in Spain?
I would like rural isolation and broadband - is there a solution?
Do I need a landline phone?
Can I claim my pension in Spain ?
How do I claim my pension and when do I claim?
How often will my pension in Spain be paid?
What about bereavement benefits as a pensioner in Spain?
Which lender should I choose,when buying a property in Spain?
How do I buy a property in the Costa Del Sol?
I want to buy a property in Marbella. Will my money be safe?
Do I need to use a lawyer to buy a property in the Costa Del Sol?
I need to transfer my funds in Euros to pay for my Spanish property. How do I do this?
Can you explain the meaning of buying property off-plan in Spain?
What will it cost to Insure my apartment in Benalmadina. ?
Are technical surveys available?
Is financing available?
When I sell my property, may I remit the proceeds of sale back to my own country?
Who pays estate agency fees in the sale of a property?
How will I deal with standard bills, e.g. electricity, water, telephone, rates, etc?
What is an urbanization?
Where can I send my children to school?
What type of Spanish property can I buy?
Where in Spain can I buy a home?
Do I have to be a Spanish resident to buy a property?
How do I find my Spanish property?
Can I get a mortgage offer before I find my property?
Can I rent out my Spanish property?
What is LIBOR?
What is a Número de Identificación de Extranjeros (N.I.E)?
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