Yes. Some buyers insist on trying to manage their own conveyancing. This can be difficult enough in your home country, but when buying property in Spain, we really wouldn´t advise it.

Some buyers of property in Marbella choose to use a firm of lawyers based in their home country. We have found that this can be expensive, especially if that lawyer is simply going to ask for the help of a lawyer in Spain to do the work. In effect, you could end up paying twice for the same service.

We can provide you with a list of local English speaking lawyers in Spain that have helped many clients in the past. They are independent of agents and developers, and you are welcome to use the lawyer of your choice.

Lawyers in Spain operate in a completely different judicial system to the one that you are probably familiar with at home. This doesn´t mean that it is any better or any´s just different.

The lawyers can check all of the paperwork before sending your funds to a developer or vendor, they can negotiate critical elements of a Marbella property purchase and alert you to any problems or matters that need urgent attention.

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