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Moving To Spain? Learn The Basics Before You Go.

Moving to another country is always a stressful event, despite being exciting at the same time. If it’s not last minute errands, packers, and saying goodbye to old friends and relatives, then it’s getting acquainted with your new surroundings, connecting utilities, and making new friends. Moving to Spain is no different, except that the friend-making process is made easier due to the high number of UK ex-pats already living there.

One thing that does make a significant difference to how well you fit in to a new place, though, is knowing a little bit of the local lingo. So, if you’re planning to move to Spain, why not brush up on your high school Spanish? Guaranteed it’ll make a good impression on the locals!

You don’t have to be a linguistics expert to learn a new language. There are many different approaches you can take, such as online courses, tape sets, local classes, and private tutoring, to name a few.

However, regardless of the method you choose, learning some of the more commonly used words in Spain, such as days of the week, numbers, colors, and family names, will never do you any harm. You can pick these up online, purchase a dictionary, or simply ask your next door neighbour. Don’t be shy or worry about how you sound…no-one knows you when you first move to Spain anyway!

Some aspects of learning to speak Spain’s national language are easier to understand and put into practise than others. One of the most difficult concepts for native English-speaking people to comprehend is that traditionally a sentence constructed in English puts the object before the verb, (I love you) whereas in Spanish, it’s the other way around (Te amo, or “you, I love”).

Asking a question is a relatively easy process as you simply change the tone at the end of the sentence without actually changing the words. Alternatively you can add “verdad”, meaning “true”, to the end of the sentence. Or, you can also use “no?” in place of “verdad” to arrive at the same result.

Writing a question is equally as easy, you just put an upside-down question mark before the question begins, and one the right way up at the end of the question.

Although foreign languages can sometimes be difficult to master, Spanish is not one of them. Compared even to English, Spanish is much simpler, having just five vowel sounds when English has thirteen!

In addition, approximately half the Spanish vocabulary equates to the same words in English, for example “hora” is actually a literal translation for “hour”, but is used as the word for “time” in English.
Other possible means of practising your Spanish with people actually living in Spain, prior to your move, is to go online to a chat room or forum, most of which run in English and Spanish simultaneously. Some websites also offer a penpal service, which is usually free of charge.

Naturally, the key to learning a language is practise, so whether you are walking down the street, shopping for groceries, catching the bus, going to bank, or buying a coffee, make sure you try to do so, in Spanish. The people of Spain will respect you a lot more for it!


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