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Spanish Property Purchase Guide: Step by Step

Property search:

Once you have completed our online Property Search Form, you will be contacted by us to clarify the information and provide any further necessary details. We will also ensure that we fully understand your requirements, i.e. Holiday Home, Buy to Let or Permanent Relocation.

When you arrive in Spain, you will be shown only the properties with features suitable to your intended lifestyle as well as your budget. We pride ourselves upon listening to our clients.

Prior to your visit:

When suitable properties have been short-listed for viewing, and you have subsequently booked your flights, we will call you to discuss your visit. We will also discuss finances and deposits, and again re-check on the type of property you are looking for.

Suitable accommodation can be arranged by us for the duration of your stay. However, most people prefer to organise accommodation themselves in order to take advantage of the special deals available from the low-cost airlines/packages.

At the airport:

We will meet you at the airport and upon arrival, you will be taken to your accommodation and left to freshen up after your flight. We will then arrange to meet you for a coffee and a chat to discuss your itinerary.

Our search begins:

We will guide you, but also be guided by you. We firmly believe there is a right area and a right property for everyone. It's just a matter of finding it! You will be shown around the new or resale properties from your shortlist, and any other properties that have become available, which match your criteria.

Moving to Spain is a complete lifestyle change and we can assist with all the necessary information that you will need.


Should a suitable property be found, you will be offered to sign a contract either directly with the builder or through a local solicitor. At this stage a deposit will be required and future payment options discussed.

A Spanish bank account will also need to be opened.

Return to the UK:

Remember, we are only a phone call away or can be contacted by email. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or queries relating to your property or any part of the purchase procedure.

Progress reports:

We will maintain regular contact with you and keep you updated on progress through all the various phases.


Unless power of attorney has been given to your solicitor, you will have to return to Spain to sign for the property on completion. At this stage, we will organise your financial number or your NIE. This is required for all financial transactions in Spain.

The future:

Once the sale has been completed, we will still be available to help you with any queries or questions you may have regarding your property. We pride ourselves on our after sales commitment. Many of our clients have become friends.

Payment structure:

Initial Funds 3000 Euros.            
Required as a Deposit for any Spanish property purchased.

Please note, you may have difficulty in obtaining cash from a Spanish bank with a UK credit card. We therefore advise that you bring with you either traveller's cheques or cash.

A minimum 100 Euros are needed to open a Spanish bank account.

If a Spanish Mortgage is required, allow for 400 Euros to cover survey fees.

Further payments will be due about a month after the initial contract. This may vary according to the type of property and also upon your own requirements.


Paid at the Notary on completion together with all fees including mains connections, mortgage fees, etc. We must remind you that all purchase prices are set in Euros. Therefore, the actual £ Sterling cost of your property is subject to change with the foreign exchange rates.

We will be happy to recommend a legitimate broker who will assist you with exchanging your £‘s to Euros at the best possible rate.


Spanish Mortgages are readily available from all banks. The rates are linked to the European base rate and so do not fluctuate as much as those in the UK. The standard mortgage is usually fixed for the first year and is changed yearly if the rate varies.

Legal expenses:

Remember to add approximately 10% to the price of the property you have chosen to allow for local fees and taxes.

  • These include the following:

  • Solicitor's Fees:
    We can recommend a local Spanish, English speaking solicitor whose fees are very reasonable. However, you are not tied to our solicitor and fees can vary considerably.

  • Notary Fees:
    Including Land Registry Fees and Local Searches.
    Electricity and water connections.

    Other costs to consider are the following:

    Phone connections
    All lights inside the property as these are rarely included
    Furniture, when not included
    Additional security for the property

  • Wills:
    We strongly advise that property owners in Spain make a separate Will to any previously made in the UK. A Will written in the UK is only valid if it is officially translated and signed at the Notary. The Will must be read and signed in front of the Notary, so it is advisable to have your solicitor prepare this for you at the same time as you sign for the property.

    This will save a second trip to the Notary. If the property is in joint ownership i.e. Husband and Wife, then 2 Wills are required (one for each of the owners). The approximate cost is 150 Euros.

    Please be advised that this is only a very basic guide to buying in Spain. We will explain the process in full when you arrive in Spain. And don't worry! It isn't as long as it may first appear.

    We do not operate the “wine & dine, sign on the dotted line” method as is used by some other companies within the industry.

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Tel: 02920 256 096

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