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Briton emigrates every 180 seconds

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Every three minutes, a Briton emigrates and over the next five years a million of us will head overseas to live permanently, says a new study.

Last year, 198,000 British nationals moved overseas, bringing the total of emigres to more than 5.5million. Another 500,000 live abroad temporarily.

Australia is the most popular destination with 1.3million British ex-pats living there — the equivalent of 2% of the population. Then comes Spain 760,000; USA 680,000; Canada 600,000; Ireland 290,000; New Zealand 215,000; South Africa 212,000; France 200,000; Germany 115,000 and Cyprus 59,000.

The report from the Institute of Policy Research (IPR) says that a strong UK economy has encouraged emigration and that few Britons leave because they think the country has gone to the dogs.

The biggest barrier to settling overseas is not learning the local language. In countries such as Spain and Saudi Arabia, the British communities tend to flock together, but in Australia and the US they are more dispursed.

Danny Sriskandarajah, IPR associate director, said, “When the going is good, Brits get going. A healthy economy at home, especially when house prices are buoyant and the pound is strong, makes it easier to up sticks and move abroad. From Australia to Zambia, Brits are looking for a better job, a better quality of life or a sunny retirement.

The top reason for emigrating is job opportunities (33.8%). Then comes lifestyle/climate (24.9%); family (18.5%); adventure (11.5%); cost of living (4.1%); return to country of origin (0.3%) and others (6.9%).


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