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Property for sale in Andalusia


Andalusia is one of the 17 independent regions that form Spain and is the southern-most one on the mainland of Spain. It is Spain’s largest location and it is one which brings to mind the most vivid images of a country popular for its bullfighting, flamenco and passion. Spain is known to have inspired poets, great writers, politicians and painters. At this unique place the West meets East in a cosmopolitan ensemble of gypsy, Jewish, Christian and Moorish cultures.

Spain seems to be kissed by God as it has a beautiful countryside, a 900 kilometre coastline and towering mountains. It’s no wonder that it is famed as one of the planets most visited and popular holiday spots!  
Property for sale in Andalusia

Property for sale in Andalusia-its specialities


Andalusia is without a doubt, the ideal place to search for a property in Spain, thanks to its fine climate, lots of sunshine and picturesque scenery. There are numerous rural properties in this beautiful area and buyers can choose between a lovely town house, a brand new villa, or traditionally styled cortijos or fincas which exude history and character.


An already established and excellent infrastructure which includes high European standards in medical and social security services makes this a perfect place to invest in. To that you can add a fantastic and warm climate year round and an abundance of outdoor pursuits, such as golf, beaches and an attractive Spanish culture. These are just some characteristics that should induce to you buy property for sale in Andalusia.


Property for sale in AndalusiaPurchasing a property for sale in Andalusia is a wise decision as it offers easy accessibility from the United Kingdom, with budget fares and a short flight trip. Spain has a lot of tourism thus the rental market is always flourishing. So investing in a property for sale in Andalusia will definitely bring about excellent returns.


Advantages of owning a property for sale in Andalusia


When choosing to buy a property for sale in Andalusia you are offered a variety of options such as villas, apartments, country houses (fincas), farm houses (cortijos), etc., with prices varying depending on your choice. The Andalusian people are popular for their hospitality, fun, loyalty and overall good nature. Andalusia is the world’s largest producer of olive oil and is well-known for its fish and sea food.


Owning a property in Andalusia can guarantee sport facilities like, diving, sailing, fishing, wind-surfing, motorcycling and hunting. Andalusia has one of the best international airports in the world and important ports. It also has improved railroads, which makes the links better between big cities. Andalusia boasts of being one of the warmest regions in Europe, with 3000 hours of sun per year.


Buying a property for sale in Andalusia- some hints

  • More than one visit to the proposed property and its surroundings before buying is advisable.

  • Schedules of trains, public buses, trams etc.

  • Silence and privacy are important factors to keep in mind.

  • The property for sale in Andalusia should include some type of heating for weather changes.

  • Ask around to get a personal opinion from some of the people living near the  property. Be better informed.

Spanish property remains the favourite investment market for overseas property buyers.



Steve Magill is the right source for more information on the Spanish mortgage market. He is a partner in  and a Fellow in the British Association of Entrepreneurs (FBAE). He holds international renown for having hands-on experience in this field.

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