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Buy Property in Benalmadena

If you want to experience a typical Andalusian village environment, then you should head to Benalmadena, Spain. This place has retained it true identity as the archetypical Spanish rural township, which attracts both foreigners and natives every year.


When you buy property in Benalmadena you not only open your doors to let the cool and cool air in, but you also open your doors to a picturesque view of beautiful mountains and whitewashed cobbled streets that meander from their foothills. Moreover, when you buy property in Benalmadena, you’ll find that the town’s quaint and historically rich culture will embrace you with open arms and make you feel like you have been staying there forever!


The village not only offers magnificent views of the Mediterranean Sea but is also a haven for all of you who enjoy some tranquility and peace in their lives. You must buy property in Benalmadena if you thoroughly enjoy the slow pace of rural country life with all modern amenities.


Benalmádena has gained tremendous popularity because it houses the famous Tivoli World and the Renfe Railway Station at Arroyo de la Miel. It is an urban sprawl offering a wide choice of properties from beachfront holiday apartments in high rises to luxurious sea facing villas. For all of you who are on the lookout to buy property in Benalmadena, there is a broad spectrum of real estate offers available for beautiful and well-constructed homes and villas.

Benalmadena has begun to attract people from all nationalities, especially UK, who are keen to own a holiday home to soak up the sun or to buy property in Benalmadena as an investment option. The strong real estate rental market in Benalmadena also gives the perfect opportunity to property owners to earn profit from their property. So if you are looking to buy property in Benalmadena then be rest assured in the knowledge that you are investing your money well and you can expect heavy returns in the coming few years.


Benalmadena has become popular with foreigners who flock in hordes to enjoy the pleasant, healthy climate of this sprawl. A wide selection of property from town houses to villas with grounds and luxury apartments and homes offer you a wide choice to buy property in Benalmadena. Moreover, there are numerous Spanish real estate agents who will be willing to help you locate the right property in Benalmadena. BuySpain is one of the most reputable and experienced property agents for people who are looking to buy property in Benalmadena.

Before you buy property in Benalmadena, you must check BuySpain’s website to look at the various locations and then shortlist your choices in order of preference before you decide to buy property in Benalmadena. Another smart way of judging whether the property is worth a buy for not would be to get a feel of that area by renting a property in Benalmadena, first.

Here a simple five point guide to get the most out of your investment when you buy property in Benalmadena:

1. Always have a set budget. Determine your budget by speaking with property owners in the area, property dealers, and other knowledgeable locals. Also stick you your budget when you buy property in Benalmadena

2. Visit the properties several times before you make a decision. Don’t forget to check the amenities (gas, water, electricity etc) when you buy property in Benalmadena

3. Try to get a professional expert – architect or contractor – to examine the property for you before you buy property in Benalmadena

4. When you decide to buy property in Benalmadena, get your legal advisor to check all the relevant documents including the ownerships documents

5. Double check all property documents before you sign on them. Also, have your legal advisor check the documents for any discrepancies. If required, have the documents translated to your own langue for better understanding.



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