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Spanish Retirement Villages

Retirement in the 21st Century in Spain has much more to offer you in comparison to the people of retirement age in the 20th Century. Here are some of the options available if you're considering spending your retirement years on the Costa del Sol.


You could decide to live in an 'Urbanizacion' amongst neighbours of all ages and all nationalities.


You may prefer to live in a rural setting and enjoy the peace and tranquillity of Spains rustic villages and surrounding landscapes.

More and more people who have reached retirement age are inspired by their International counterparts and are buying into exclusively designed Spanish residential complexes.

Retirement Villages are becoming increasingly popular in Spain and are appearing almost everywhere. Predominately in our own Spanish sunshine states of Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca. The Villages are designed for people seeking a quiet, secure living environment with the guarantee that their neighbours won’t be a load of noisy party going teenagers!

Quite the opposite in fact. Neighbours will most likely be of a similar age group and consist of different nationalities (British, Scandinavians, Germans, Dutch and even Spanish) all with the same priorities.

The Spanish complexes themselves are designed to be self contained and will have a medical centre and a 24 hour call out service for peace of mind.

As well as the very important medical facilities there are numerous
social activities.


Social life:

All residents can enjoy an active social life on the Costa del Sol, if they so choose. There are numerous bars and restaurants to suit every taste. For the more energetic, there's a choice of indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a fully equipped gym and tennis clubs etc.

Apart from offering you everything you need to lead an active and fulfilled life style in Spain, there are also minibuses available daily, which will take all residents to the local supermarkets and banks.

If you are considering living in a Spanish Retirement Village then follow this simple checklist:

  • Pay a visit during the Winter season to get an impression of all-year-round weather conditions.

  • Spend a week on a desired complex before purchasing to get a feel for the environment. Ask other residents about their experiences.

  • Decide whether you would like to buy freehold or leasehold.

  • Find out about the Community Charges.
Enjoy your retirement on the Costa del Sol and experience the ever- growing opportunities for people who have retired in Spain.
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