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Stressed? move to Spain!


The findings of a report demonstrate that UK residents living and working in Spain lead more satisfying lives, with less stress and more free time, despite working longer hours than in the UK.

The report commissioned by Spanish property developer Lar Sol, shows that Britons find the process of purchasing of a house on the Costas ’much easier’ than in UK, particularly for investors. It also finds over 50 per cent of people who had invested in property in Spain would reinvest their profit in Spain.

Katy Katani, international sales coordinator for Lar Sol explains, “Spain’s economy is booming, growing at twice the rate of its European neighbours. This surge has been fuelled by low interest rates and an unprecedented demand for property. The government is taking several steps to ensure this continues, by introducing cuts in income tax and corporate tax, by planning to reduce the number of tax bands on Spanish property and to eradicate income taxes on mortgages. When you consider these new measures alongside the obvious lifestyle reasons for moving to Spain. Its climate, lower of cost of living, better quality of life, it is not surprising that so many people are choosing to leave the UK to live and work in Spain.”

Britain is in danger of losing its best entrepreneurs to Spain, the report claims. Increasing numbers of UK citizens are actively emigrating to Spain to set up their own businesses or to find work. Last year, 30,346 British citizens signed working contracts in Spain and the country remains the most popular place for Britons to move to. Research shows that Spain is the first option for one in three Britons planning to buy or move abroad this year. A large proportion of these people are expected to set up successful businesses in Spain, fuelling further growth in the economy.

Katy continues, “British people like to buy from British people and as more and more Britons move to Spain, they are creating a sustainable network of potential clients for British businesspeople. The problem from a UK point of view is that while so many Britons are enjoying huge success in Spain, the UK is at risk of losing some of its best entrepreneurs as they seek a more satisfying life in the sun.”

Lar Sol´s report was conducted by Hamilton Research among 394 Britons already owning or considering buying property on the Costa del Sol.



Unemployment falls in Marbella more than the provincial average: Cristina González


The building industry comes a long way behind services in the number of unemployed, followed by farming and fishing.


The unemployment situation in Marbella is beginning to look up as spring approaches. With the arrival of the first tourists in search of sunny climates the list of unemployed people in the town is beginning to grow shorter. This is especially true of the services sector, where staff come to the end of their enforced lay-off ready to face the first visitors of the season.


The statistics from the Andalusian Employment Service prove that this is the case. While at the beginning of the year the number of people without a job in Marbella rose, the figures at the beginning of March were more optimistic, with a drop of 1.8 per cent in those looking for work. The figure stood at 7,824 people at the end of February (148 fewer than the month before). Moreover, this big drop in the number of unemployed people is triple the average decrease in the province of Malaga as a whole in the same period. In the province the total drop was 530 people - 0.62 per cent.


By sex this improvement in the Marbella unemployed list mainly benefits men. Most of the people without work who found a job in this period of time (from the beginning of the year to the beginning of March) were male. There were 4,324 women in Marbella without a job and still looking for one at the beginning of this month. Of this number the biggest group is composed of women aged between 30 and 34. They constitute one in every ten of all those on the lists in the possession of the Andalusian Employment Service.


Despite the fact that the services sector, along with the building industry, are the two main driving forces of the local economy, they are, nevertheless, the sectors where most people are looking for a job. In fact seven out of every ten unemployed (6,102 people) could be classified as seeking work in the services sector, especially the hotel and catering trade.


The building industry comes a long way behind, with 967 applications for work. Farming and fishing are at the bottom of the list with 199 unemployed altogether.


The statistics:


Unemployed: A total of 7,824 people, 148 fewer than in January. This represents a drop of 18 per cent. Gender: There are almost 1,000 more women unemployed than men.


Age: The biggest group among the unemployed (1,312 people) is the 30 to 34 age group.


Educational level: More than half of those looking for work have only completed the first stage of secondary education.


Sectors: The services sector, with 6,102 unemployed, is still the one with the greatest number of people looking for work.



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