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Supermarkets in Spain

Unless you can afford to go out eating every night, you will need to do the supermarket shopping just as you did in the UK. Supermarkets in Spain do not quite lay their products out on a plate in terms of creativity, choice and imagination as we have become used to in the UK. However, the lack of choice does encourage you to do a bit more proper cooking and rely less on convenience and handy foods. A lot of the supermarkets offer home delivery and even online shopping for the added convenience that we have become used to! The main supermarkets are:


A French company formerly known as Pryca. The bigger stores have everything you need for setting up home in Spain as well as food, clothes, toys, garden furniture. Seem to introduce more products regularly than some of the other chains. Have a small British frozen section with sausages, meat pies etc. Most convenience foods such as fish fingers are fry only in Spain but Carrefour are introducing more and more oven food. They do a small range of themed Mickey Mouse products for young children who might need a bit of persuasion at meal times. On the Costa del Sol there is a medium sized Carrefour in Estepona and hypermarket versions in Los Barrios and La Linea. There is also a Clubcard facility.


Similar standard to Carrefour. Store in Miramar Shopping centre, Fuengirola.


Similar standard to Eroski and Carrefour. Some stores do home deliveries. There is a very large store in La Cañada, Marbella. Look out for the handy children’s play area where you can leave them under staff supervision. Lots of international cooking sauces.


Usually small supermarkets. Not the best value for money but a good choice of British products including muesli,porridge oats,curry sauces,squash, bread,baked beans,canned soup,golden syrup and ketchup. Also a home delivery service for shopping over €60.


You can’t beat it for good quality and great value. You can also shop online at and for those who don’t know Spanish, don’t worry because it’s also in English. They will deliver to your house for about €7. They also stock Heinz baked beans and spaghetti.


Belonging to El Corte Ingles, great quality but a little expensive.  In addition to food, you can find everything from children's clothes to electrical goods which are usually cheaper than you would find in the rest of El Corte Ingles department store.


Good for cheap basics, pet food,lightbulbs.


Another no frills supermarket with a limited selection but good for bargain priced basics. They are always running special deals on anything from tents to frying pans.



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