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Why Use A Property Finder In Spain?

Why use a property finder in Spain? Off the top of my head I would say, if you’re not Spanish, why wouldn’t you use a property finder in Spain?


For starters, a property finder in Spain either understands Spanish or works with a professional Spanish-English translator. This is very helpful because most people working with property in Spain only speak Spanish. It goes without saying that you are at a great disadvantage if you not know what is being said during the negotiations for something, which you will end up paying for!

A property finder in Spain will know the area, the different developments – resales, off-plan, and urbanizations – and will be able to inform you of the advantages and disadvantages of each one.

Undoubtedly, if there is an extremely good deal available, a property finder in Spain will be much more likely to know about it than an inexperienced individual visiting for the first time.

Your property finder in Spain will have comparative knowledge between the UK and Spanish property markets and will be able to highlight the benefits, some of which you may be unaware.

The same property finder in Spain will also know the ins and outs of additional costs (taxes, stamp duty, legal fees, mortgage fees, public notary levies, communal expenses and so forth). He/she will be able to recommend reliable and trustworthy people working in these areas including legal representation.

Another aspect a property finder in Spain can help you with is banking, fund transfers, and mortgage applications, as he/she will have people they regularly work with. These people will be well-versed in the procedures of purchasing Spanish property, so have all relevant paperwork and information on hand. In doing so, they save you precious time (and sometimes money) with the proceedings.

Your property finder in Spain will also know about schools, shops, transport, and facilities in the vicinity, which is of added importance if you have children. More often than not, many a property finder in Spain will actually live – for some or all of the year – in Spain, which is handy for “after sales service”, once you’ve moved there.

For something as important as purchasing a property abroad – which is a personal and expensive matter, it’s hard to understand why anyone wouldn’t make the most of the services of a property finder in Spain!

This is particularly the case with older people considering retiring to Spain, where it is sometimes physically impossible for them to “check out” the market. The services of a property finder in Spain become invaluable as things like transport from their holiday accommodation to view the properties, is also included.

Finally, a property finder in Spain will be experienced enough to answer your questions that are not necessarily specifically about property such as how to claim pensions and how to arrange payments of utilities.

Although you could purchase property without a property finder in Spain, the question remains, why would you? I mean, there’s an easy and a hard way to do everything…this just happens to be the easy way.

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