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Don't Blame Spain use your Brain

My name is Steve Magill. I bought a property off plan 4 years ago just outside Fuengirola in Spain.

 Along with some friends we set up the company Buyspain to help other first time property buyers in Spain( Costa Del Sol area). Looking back, it would have been reassuring to have someone to listen to and “hold our hands” throughout the whole process of choosing a property right through to completion. Our advice and expertise comes from our own experiences of buying a Spanish property. If you would like some helpful advice the please contact me at 

There are always stories in the press of how people were “ripped off” or lost their money whilst trying to buy a Spanish property. However, buying a property in Spain doesn’t have to be like that. You need to follow similar principles as if you were buying a property in the UK.
Buying in Spain is not so hard. Don't be tempted by the cheap inspection trips. You may arrive here for the cost of a cheap flight, but it is highly unlikely that you will find your dream home! Crammed into a minibus you are shepherded from one property to another, none of which match the criteria that you gave the agent before visiting your first property.
It is important that you do your homework before you arrive in Spain, the internet is a great source of information and choosing a company to select properties that match your criteria can be a minefield. However, once you find a company who listens and compiles a portfolio of available properties still on the market within your budget, you are then ready to book your flights to inspect them. Regular contact by phone or email is of paramount importance as this communication will allow you to ask questions and develop a bond with the company you have chosen, in particular with the same person you are dealing with.
Visit the area where the properties are situated, make visits at different times during the day, view the properties at different times in the day, eat in the local restaurants, walk around the village, stop off in the local bar and call into the local shops. All of this will give you a better feel of the area. If you don't like the area you will never want a house there.
Never feel pressured into making a decision, make several visits to the property, this is your dream home and your hard earned money, so don’t rush to make a decision. Once you have set your budget it is important to stick to it. If anyone tries to show you properties above your budget, then you know that they are not interested in listening to you and what you want.
Buying a property in Spain requires you to think with your head and not your heart, once you have found a company or person who can help you through the purchasing process and offer you an after care package where advice and help is given to find tradesmen, connect the gas / electricity etc you know you have found the right people to help you buy your dream Spanish property.
Good luck in your search.

For more information about the property for sale in Spain please complete our property criteria report.


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10 Secrets Every Spanish Property Buyer Should Know
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