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10 reasons to buy in the Costa Del Sol

(In a recent survey, these were the 10 key reasons listed by people for buying a property in Spain)

1.”Sunshine” on average for 300 days of the year.
Yes, that’s right “300 days”. When it rains in Spain it can rain for days, but most of us are used to rain.

You can use the beach all year round.

3. Relaxing lifestyle
On the Costa del Sol, timing is more flexible. There is a more relaxed attitude to work and life in general.

4. Breakfast
As we know breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This can be enjoyed outside, even in the winter time. (fresh fish, foods and fruits everyday.) Eating out is a way of life in Spain where the emphasis is on eating and not cooking.

5. Less traffic
There is less traffic on the roads than in the UK, thus enabling you to get from A to B more quickly.

6. Queues
Or should we say the lack of queues. Shopping on the Costa del Sol does not appear to be as much of a chore as it is in the UK. Christmas time is really the only time you will find the Spanish queuing.

7. Entertaining the children
Spain is more family orientated and thus has more amenities for the children. Of course the all year round access to the beaches and the coasts is a bonus. Also you will find play parks for children in every town along the coast. They are well designed with a range of equipment for your little ones.

8. Fiestas
Not to be confused with siestas, although that is also a positive feature of Spanish everyday life. Fiestas are vibrant and colourful celebrations held throughout the summer months. Whole towns join in the celebrations. The party atmosphere for the whole family can last into the early hours of the morning.

9. Property
There is a vast array of properties to buy or rent. These include resale, new developments and off plan. There is an extensive choice with something for everyone.

10. Speed Cameras


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10 secrets every spanish property buyer should know
10 Secrets Every Spanish Property Buyer Should Know
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