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Buying Property in Cosmopolitan Fuengirola, Spain

Fuengirola is a lively, busy cosmopolitan, located in the costal region of Malaga in Spain. This town, with a population of about 55,000 people, is a melting pot of multi-ethnic nationalities and therefore, holds much appeal for individuals with families and children. A throbbing pace of day life, a varied and lively nightlife, friendly people, clean streets, numerous parks and green areas, chic and ethnic mix of dinning places, bars, and cafes along a scenic sea front make this town a great place for investment or relocation.

If you buy property in Fuengirola, you will be making a good investment. The town has excellent health facilities, good schools, shopping malls, and one of the best PTS (public transport systems) in the coastal belt of Spain!

Moreover, when you visit Fuengirola, you are bound to fall in love with its famous five miles long sandy beach, and the apartment buildings, which offer the best views of the Mediterranean Sea and the wonderful Spanish coastline. In no time will you be attracted to buy property in Fuengirola! Is it any wonder then, that Fuengirola is a popular destination for many Brits, who find this town’s ancient history and heritage, among other factors highly appealing?


However, the ultimate draw for non-Spanish people to buy property in Fuengirola is the economics of the investment. A carefully selected property in the right location, such as Fuengirola, offers a great buying opportunity in the current year - 2007, and the near future. With BuySpain, the experienced property agents in Spanish real estate market, by your side you can be assured of the best deals and a hassle-free overseas property buying experience. Before you entrust us with your hard earned money, we request you to visit our website to know more about our range of services and property experience.

There has been a boom in Spanish property market since 1996. This rapid growth has been fuelled further by lower rates of interest, introduction of the EU currency – Euro and low unemployment rates. Added to these factors is the coalescence of a strong domestic market and an optimistic second home buyer market leading to continuous appreciation in monetary gains.

If you buy property in Fuengirola now, you are likely to rake in the dinero as per the latest Spanish real estate predictions. According to this forecast, the average prices for costal properties will see an increase of over 12% while the entire Spanish market will see a rise of 15% this year. Of course much of the property buying interest has been from abroad. According to a report, an estimated 1.6 million foreigners own holiday villas in Spain. What’s more staggering is that over 750,000 foreigners, who have invested in Spain, are British!.

Of course when you buy property in Fuengirola, you get a host of obvious benefits such as the sun, sea and sand. Moreover, the large scale development of the costal area is making it burst at its seams, and the persistent demand is beginning to push property prices and values much higher. Also, according to a study carried by ANTUR (a Spanish organization), over 2 million foreigners will have bought property by the end of 2006.

So when you buy property in Fuengirola, remember that you are making a high benefit investment and do not forget that you will require the assistance of an experienced real estate agents such BuySpain to get the true worth of your property in Fuengirola or anywhere in Spain. We don’t just give you expert advice and assistance; we make it all happen!

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10 Secrets Every Spanish Property Buyer Should Know
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