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Torremolinos – The Largest Coastal Resort in Spain – Perfect for a Private Villa Property

Did you know that Costa del Sol in Spain is one of the most famous and hugely popular tourist destinations in the world? Yes, it’s true. The reasons for this coastal belt’s wide popularity include the invariable, sun, sand and the sea. Additionally, the diversity and the history of the region make it a huge draw for tourists, and foreigners who are interested in investing here.

Costa del Sol’s largest resort is Torremolinos. This town is the first ‘well known’ resort in the coastal belt and had gained a reputation as a party hub for boisterous holiday makers. A newly modeled town center and clean, pristine beaches only add to the charm of this ‘once upon a time’ fishing village. Another plus for non-Spanish people to buy property in Torremolinos is the 9 km long beach that becomes super busy during the summers. The summers also ensure long hours of sunshine, though the temperatures can soar to over 30 degrees Celsius.


If you are an affluent individual looking for lucrative investment opportunities then you should go ahead and buy property in Torremolinos. With sea-front promenade, pleasant beach-side cafes, bars and restaurants offering a wide range of cuisines, this resort town makes for a perfect private holiday home.

You may harbor some lack of confidence as this may be your first overseas property investment. But, you have nothing to worry about. Buying property in Spain is not difficult. The process in whole may be different, though many processes are similar in nature too. Of course, all documents are in Spanish but can be translated into English.


Make sure you do some research about reputable property dealers, especially those who are experts in Spanish real estate market, just like BuySpain. With years of experience in Spain, we at BuySpain can easily help you to make the right choice while ensuring that your money is well invested and brings you handsome returns. Trust the experts to guide you through the entire process once you decide to buy property in Torremolinos.


BuySpain’s website provides up-to-date information about the latest developments in the Spanish real estate arena. So when you buy property in Torremolinos with BuySpain, we will make sure everything goes smoothly. We know the possible pitfalls and are adept at spotting any potential problem before it crops up. Besides this, our wide network, with reputable and established real estate agents in Spain, assures that the journey involved to buy property in Torremolinos is stress-free, fast, and legal.


This is the best time to invest in Spain. With the property boom that started in 1996, Spain has seen aggressive growth in the real estate segment. This growth has also been fuelled due to the Spanish government’s continued endeavors to provide world class infrastructure, high-quality of life at 30% lower rates than in England and uniform currency in the form of Euro.

Spanish property for most middle-income Brits is not just affordable but cheap. A modern two bedroom apartment can be bought at half the price of an average British home. So buy property in Torremolinos now and watch the value of your property appreciate. Additionally, you can also get house loans, since the interest rates are at an all time low and inflation is down as well.

So if you desire to retire by a beach-front villa, then do not delay to buy property in Torremolinos any more. Imagine sitting in the front porch of your home in Torremolinos, with a glass of fine wine while the sea breeze plays a soothing tune in your ears…and the sun dances at the horizon entertaining you! This is stuff that dreams are made of. So turn your dream into ‘realty’ today!

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10 Secrets Every Spanish Property Buyer Should Know
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