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Make Money by Selling Your Private Property in Spain

Do you know that most people find it difficult to sell their property and hence are skeptical about investing in real estate? Yes, while this many seem true, what gives heat to this statistic is the fact that the nature of real estate market, worldwide, is highly capricious.

Since the past few years, many Brits have invested in overseas properties. This trend has become more popular in the last couple of years. The choicest destinations for the purpose of purchasing private properties or investing in them are Spain, Panama, Cyprus, etc.


Private Spanish property sales are of course not easy. However, with the advent of Internet, selling real estate has become a cake walk, because of the new ways to match home sellers with home buyers. Also if you recruit the services of an experienced (agents who have experience in the country of your investment) real estate agent or company, chances are that you will be able to make a substantial profit on these private Spanish property sales.

Traditionally, many individuals prefer to entrust their private Spanish property sales to the experts in the property business. However, there is a small segment of people who prefer to sell their properties privately, without the assistance of the real estate experts. BuySpain are experts in the Spanish property market and are pleased to offer their advice and assistance to you, whenever you wish for private Spanish property sales. What’s more, with BuySpain by your side, you can be rest assured of handsome returns on your purchase, while having greater control over the whole process of sales.


But Private Spanish Property Sales


When you sell your holiday home or property privately, you save yourself thousands of pounds, and it makes perfect sense from the marketing perspective as well. The medium of Internet has empowered almost everyone by offering a wide range of services such as advertising, promotions and of course easy access to knowledge. By using BuySpain’s website, you can expose and endorse your property to an ever expanding audience of potential buyers.


If you lead a hectic life or are not confident about selling your private property, then let BuySpain help you conduct your private Spanish property sales while guarantying you peace of mind, hassle-free sales process and low or free advice and service support throughout the entire private Spanish property sales process and beyond.


At this point, we would like to mention that as a home seller you maybe feeling the heat to complete the private Spanish property sales in order to avoid paying the CGT (Capital Gains Tax) penalty. All non-resident people are taxed at a flat rate of 35 percent by the Spanish authorities, while all residents who have been property owners for over a year have to pay 15 percent tax. Also, EU has ordered Spain to ensure that the rate of taxation is in level, irrespective of the residency status of the property owners. This matter is still under process, and you may want to hold your private Spanish property sales for some more time.


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