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How To Find The Property Bargains in Spain?

Have you ever heard of the expression “To look but not see”? This expression sums up the market fairly well at the moment, particularly with reference to property bargains in Spain.


As both an investor and a homeowner, you think you want to know how to find the property bargains in Spain, but you don’t. What you really want to know is in which of the property bargains in Spain should you invest.

You see currently there are so many property bargains in Spain from which to choose, however Spanish real estate agents still maintain that there are not. Phrases such as “Hurry, it’s the last one!” or “You’ll have to be quick as this won’t be available for long!” are used in their sales pitches to entice unknowing buyers who haven’t taken the time or initiative to discover that the opposite is actually true.

And with all the talk in Spain about the “slump” in the property market, it’s no wonder some people are getting the wrong idea. I mean, really, there can’t be a lull with property bargains in Spain for both buyers and sellers, can there? Feasibly, whilst one of them has the upper hand, the other suffers. So which is it?

Well, there’s a lot of choice out there. It seems that a couple of years ago, investors – assuming the market would continue to boom – bought up big, particularly with 2-bed/2-bath apartments hoping to sell them in today’s market at a profit.

Unfortunately, since then, these are no longer in hot demand. The result: an over-saturation of the property market with regards to unfinished developments.

Action: buy these property bargains in Spain now, and wait, because what seems expensive today will be the going rate tomorrow.

Of course you do have to watch out for the underhanded greedy merchants whose illegal actions unfortunately ruin the reputation of all Spanish real estate agents, however if you check the area carefully comparing those that you believe to be property bargains in Spain with those that you would like to buy with similar ones in the same area to see if they are the same price, then you are already half way there!

The other point to check is whether or not the land that is being built upon is actually approved. Many property bargains in Spain are only bargains because they don’t have the proper paperwork in place.

Property bargains in Spain such as these can sometimes be the cause of an investor’s woes and usually lead to the buyer losing their deposit, which can in certain cases, be substantial.


Luckily, this is not the trend. Approximately three-quarters of investors and home- owners are pleased with their purchase and feel that they got a good deal, if not a bargain. And they’re happy to tell all their friends so!

This reputation of developers of off-plan projects classed as property bargains in Spain is very important as most people in the UK know someone who has purchased a property there and word-of-mouth travels fast!

Really though, a “bargain” is subjective. What one person believes to be a bargain may be a rip-off to someone else. It depends on your perspective.

At the end of the day, if you’ve done your research and are happy with the price you paid, then you’ve surely succeeded in finding one of the many property bargains in Spain.



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