> Thursday, November-08-2007

I wish...

Well, it's just been one of those days. You know the wake up to find that the cat has missed the litter tray, the washing machine door is stuck, an egg fell out of the refrigerator when you opened it, and the kids are both crying and screaming for breakfast - and that's before 7am!

Oh, how I wish I could just spend one day laid up in one of the hotels in benalmadena costa and not deal with any of this! But then the day unfolds, the sun comes out for a bit, and you find your mother-in-law has dropped off a yummy food package and left it hanging on your door as a surprise for lunch.

Then your husband says, "Go lie down for a bit, I'll mind the kids". So, you do.

Your daughter gives you a big hug for no reason and your other daughter laughs her head off at nothing.

The scales say you've lost 2kgs.

And it turns out to be not such a bad day after all!

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