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Benefits of Hiring a Real Estate Agent while Investing in Spanish Property

Getting help from real estate agents have become a trend when purchasing Spanish property especially for those who plan to retire in Spain. However, there have been cases when real estate agents show lack of professionalism, charge high commissions, strand their clients and act in their own interests.


However, the key lies in finding the right agent. Torremolinos real estate agents or any real estate agents in Spain are definitely worth hiring if you do your homework well and look into their profiles first. There is no doubt that some real estate agents have a stained name but knowing what you want will help you narrow down on an agent who you can trust and follow.


What you need to know


Hiring a real estate agent is not really necessary in purchasing Spanish property in Fuengirola. However, hiring a real estate agent still has its own advantages. For example, it helps to have an agent accompany you on site visits. Most agents are well equipped with a list of properties that are located in scenic localities such as Benalmadena. In addition, they will be able to advice you on important factors that could affect your purchase decision. Their experience comes in handy when dealing with local authorities and agencies.


Background check


Today, you can’t trust all the information you see and read about a certain property. You will never be able to judge misleading information without the help of someone who has experience in property. But prior to choosing an agent, be sure to meet up with at least three different agents. Prepare a list of questions that you would like to ask them.


Whether you are buying property in Torremolinos or Benalmadena it pays to read up on the place before you meet the agent. Take the time to explore the full range of properties for sale and never make an offer after seeing the place only once no matter how much you liked the house. In Benalmadena, make sure you have seen every corner of the establishment before closing the deal. Visit the house at different times of the day so that you will know how much light it gets or how the house feels when it is dark. Also take photos and compare them with your other options.


Professional agents


A lot of real estate agents don’t need specific qualifications to be able to operate in Torremolinos, Spain, so it will be a good idea to choose one who is associated with a professional body. Ask for proof or anything that will suggest that they are indeed connected to a professional body. Although stories of estate agents going beyond their limits are now scattered all over Spain, if you think you really need one it would be best to make sure. Take the necessary measures before you retire in Spain.


In some places in Spain such as in Fuengirola, the real estate agent needs to have a license to negotiate the sale and purchase of the property. He or she must be someone who is registered as well as experienced.


Steve Magill is the author of numerous articles on the topic of Spanish real estate. He is a partner in and a Fellow in the British Association of Entrepreneurs (FBAE). He is also an internationally renowned Spanish property expert.

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