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Benefits of investing in Torremolinos in Spain

What is Torremolinos?


Torremolinos refers to the largest tourism oriented town which is located in Costa Del Sol. It was one of the very first holiday resorts to be established in Costa Del Sol. With numerous bars, restaurants and an active night life, as well as the solace of sandy beaches, it is an ideal vacation spot. Torremolinos is especially popular amongst the British.


Torremolinos as a property investment haven


Torremolinos occupies about 40% of the total hotel infrastructure. It has a cosmopolitan crowd, moderate climate, sound infrastructure and communications as well as ample sport and cultural opportunities. It also offers opera, theater as recreations to tourists. The city offers such a burst of cultural and tourism activities, as well as good communication and infrastructure, making it an ideal place in terms of property investment. Besides, the real estate prices are much lower here as compared to other places in Costa Del Sol.




There are numerous Torremolinos apartments available that are usually lower in price when compared to the rest of Costa Del Sol. With many real estate agents located in Torremolinos, is it easy to find a suitable house or apartment of your choice.


In Torremolinos you will find a range of apartments. Most of them overlook the beach and provide for spectacular scenic views. You will find penthouses, as well as 2 and 3 bedroom apartments. There are also nearby water parks for children to play in. You will also find golf courses for those who love playing golf.


Most Torremolinos apartments have several basic amenities like air conditioning, satellite television, video, dishwashers, washing machines, fridges, microwaves etc. There are holiday homes you will find in Torremolinos which contain several recreational activities as well. You will also find self catering Torremolinos apartments which range from villas, studios and apartments. The concept of self catering is especially popular among the tourists.


Why you should invest in Torremolinos apartments


  • Popular tourist spot: This means that there will be a steady influx of people in this town, making it conducive for investment. This ever popular spot will ensure your business never dies and you always find a customer to rent your apartment, villa or studio.


  • Good rental incomes: If you buy an apartment or villa in Torremolinos, you will find that you can rent these out during peak holiday times, thus helping to generate a lot of extra income. Just by this you may be able to recover all costs involved in the purchase.


  • Lesser price: The property in Torremolinos is favorably priced and is comparatively lower from the rest of Costa Del Sol. Hence you might get good property deals here.


  • Vacation time: The fact that you are buying a property in Torremolinos provides the unique advantage of being able to spend your holidays there as well. The place is beautiful, has a cosmopolitan crowd and has an active nightlife – all of which are essential to good vacations.


Who better than Steve Magill to expound on Torremolinos! A partner in and a Fellow in the British Association of Entrepreneurs (FBAE), Steve have authored numerous articles on Spanish real estate. He is considered an expert in Spanish property in international circles.

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