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Benefits of investing in Fuengirola in Spain 

Where is Fuengirola located?


Fuengirola is located in Costa Del Sol, Spain. This tourist municipality contains about 8 kilometers of pristine sandy beaches. It is a very popular tourist spot and thousands of visitors flock to Fuengirola every year. This paradise offers a variety of culture, recreation, nightlife and entertainment.


The people of Fuengirola enjoy their food and drink and that’s the reason you will find restaurants and bars located at every street corner and most of these remain open till late at night. The “fish alley” in Fuengirola is very famous and tourists visit this spot to taste the best seafood this side of the globe.


Fuengirola: the investment advantage


  • Cheap property: Fuengirola offers some of the cheapest property and houses for sale when compared to the rest of Costa Del Sol. The area is still fairly undeveloped and hence accounts for the low prices.


  • Centrally located: Fuengirola is centrally located in Costa Del Sol. It is equally distant from the other cities of Malaga, Marbella and Puerto Banus. That means it is easily accessible from other cities in Costa Del Sol. This can be great from a property investment perspective as it will surely attract more customers to rent your property.


  • Good sightseeing opportunities: Fuengirola offers many marvelous sightseeing opportunities like open air zoos, a magnificent castle, beautiful parks, the famous flea market which is home to a variety of souvenirs and antiques, as well as water parks for children and lovely sandy beaches. It also has numerous golf courses.


  • An active nightlife: Nightlife is very active in Fuengirola. It has numerous bars, nightclubs, casinos and a vast array of restaurants. The reason being Fuengirola people love to eat out! With several Spanish patios for easy relaxation and bars that stay open till early morning, it is indeed ideal for active night life.


Fuengirola apartments


Fuengirola apartments range from apartments for rent, to townhouses, villas and studios for rent or purchase. You will also find business premises and strategic office locations for investment in Fuengirola. This can be great if you are looking to develop an office space in Fuengirola. Most of the Fuengirola apartments provide various facilities like a washing machine, air conditioning, dishwasher, microwave and fridge etc.


The apartments are usually well furnished. The best part is they are much lower in price when compared to the rest of Costa Del Sol. The apartments range from 1,2 3 bedroom houses, or even luxurious villas. These apartments are spread out across different sections of the Fuengirola municipality.


All in all, Fuengirola is a great place to invest in property. The steady influx of tourists guarantees steady income for all those who invest here. Also the prices of houses here are so cheap that it is very easy to recover costs, by renting out homes during peak seasons of vacation times.


Get in touch with the industry experts at for more details. Steve Magill has written several articles with regard to the Spanish property business. As a Fellow in the British Association of Entrepreneurs (FBAE) he is considered an expert consultant when it comes to real estate in Spain.

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