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Benefits of investing in Benalmadena apartments in Spain

Where is Benalmadena situated?


Benalmadena is located in Costa Del Sol. It spans an area of approximately 30 square kilometers and has about 30000 people in residence.  Benalmadena attracts a vast number of tourists year after year, especially British. Most of the British live in holiday homes and have invested in the property Benalmadena has to offer.


What’s unique about Benalmadena?


  • Pleasant climate: Benalmadena has a very pleasant climate coupled with a very easy going laid back kind of life, which makes it very attractive to tourists. Many visitors have even bought the property Benalmadena has to offer and have settled there permanently.


  • Eating out: Eating out in Benalmadena can never be boring as it has a variety of restaurants and pubs spread out all over the place. There are a variety of Irish, Scottish and English pubs and most of these will have huge screens playing recent sports events. The range of restaurants is truly astounding with Chinese, Dutch, Lebanese and Italian cuisines. If you wish to try out the local specialties, then you will find plenty of Beach Bars along the beaches. These serve fresh fish cooked in spices and served with wine.


  • Active nightlife: Nightlife in Benalmadena is very interesting and most young people love to party in these spots. You’ll find D.J.s churning out the latest numbers and different genres of music, from Jazz to Hip Hop. You also have salsa dancing here and nothing beats a salsa dance to stay fit and beat the blues.


  • Sightseeing opportunities: Benalmadena offers some interesting places to visit. There are theme parks, a variety of aquatic fish like dolphins and penguins in marine parks, as well as cable car rides to have a bird’s eye view of the coastal region.


  • Artistic beauty: You will find a vast range of artists across the property Benalmadena has to offer. They usually have mosaics lined along the streets. The materials used range from ceramic, to stone, metallic finishes or even wooden parts. This is not only a great way to promote local artists but it also enhances the beauty of the place.


Property investment in Benalmadena is a good idea


  • Lower real estate prices: The price of property in Benalmadena is lower when compared to the rest of Costa Del Sol. This makes it a good place to purchase Benalmadena apartments and other kinds of houses like villas, studios etc.


  • Easy rentals: If you want to capitalize on the investment made, rentals can be a good way to recover the costs. Benalmadena apartments are usually very attractive and spacious and the holiday homes are especially popular. So the next time you have friends, family or even acquaintances coming over, you could rent out the house to them. Rentals will fetch you better prices during peak season.


  • Golf courses – your ticket to riches: In addition to Benalmadena apartments there are amazing lush green golf courses. If you were to invest in such a golf course, you can resell it later at a much higher price.


Get in touch with the industry experts at for more details. The author, Steve Magill is a partner at this establishment which assists clients in property acquisition in and around Costa Del Sol. He is a Fellow in the British Association of Entrepreneurs (FBAE) and is well-versed in the Spanish property business.

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