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Spain real estate

Sandy beaches, clear waters, and friendly people – no wonder tourists flock to Spain all year round! Because of this Spain real estate has flourished over the last couple of years. Real estate prices have skyrocketed and for good reason.  

Hot spots in Spain

Spain real estate agents have found some great locations where real estate prices are affordable, scenery is splendid and investments are truly value for money! From lush tourist resorts to splendid residential locations, Spain real estate has truly come a long way. Most of the coastal areas are hugely popular because of the beaches, eternal sunshine and promise of fun-filled vacations. This has provided a lucrative means for steady business for these real estate agents. In just a few months during peak season time, these agents more than recover any costs incurred due to initial investments.

Jump on the Spain real estate bandwagon

It’s considered fashionable to invest in the lush real estate of Spain – and deservedly so. Even if real estate prices in these areas may seem a little on the upside, you can be rest assured that within a short time span you will recover costs and start making steady profits. However, just in case you’re a little wary of the profit prospects, you may invest a little towards the inland. Here prices are cheaper and Spain real estate is relatively untapped in these areas – making it a good investment. Further, the Spanish government encourages people to invest in the interiors. They will not only reduce the cost for you, but they will also provide you with tax breaks, financial bonuses etc. That way, you can use this money to save for future Spain real estate investments. Since the coastal areas are already saturated at every level, investing in these interiors helps you save at various stages of the process.  

Useful tips to increase your ROI

If you want real value for money and true return on investment, consider buying cheap, dilapidated houses in the inland areas. Here Spain real estate is quite nascent which means costs will be lower. Buying that shabby house also means a further reduction in costs. You can then choose to repair the house on your own budget. This will greatly reduce your overall investment in the property. You can transform these houses into fabulous vacation homes, villas and rentals according to your taste and style. Once transformed, you can sit back and watch tourists flock to them! You will see business grow rapidly. However, if you have the funds, then opt for a coastal property which will bring you instant profits. The lure of the big blue never fails to attract investors. Either way, investing in Spain is a win-win situation.

Get professional help

Try to avail the services of a professional Spain real estate agency. These people have been in business for ages and will advice you on the details- especially if you’re a foreigner. They will help you choose the best deal and property, overcome the linguistic barriers and handle legal aspects.

Get in touch with the industry experts at for more details. Steve Magill has written several articles with regard to the Spanish property business. As a Fellow in the British Association of Entrepreneurs (FBAE) he is considered an expert consultant when it comes to real estate in Spain.

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