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Property for sale in Spain


If you’re placing your property for sale in Spain there are a couple of things you must know before you go about selling the land. As a home owner, you will normally not have a vast network of contacts to help you get the best deals in the market. In such cases, only a real estate agent can help you with that. They know the market and have a long list of happy customers who will readily come to buy your house at their recommendation.


3 essentials to effectively placing your property for sale in Spain


There are 3 major things you need to know before you actually commence the process of selling the property.


  1. Selling price: Before you put your property for sale in Spain, you need to fix the selling price. If you quote a very high price, then you risk losing the sale and quoting too low can mean a significant dent in your earnings! Get the help of a real estate agent to find out what the going-rate for other similar properties. It’s always better to stay close to the going-rate in the market unless your property happens to be unique in a positive sense. However, beware of agents who overprice your house just to attract more sellers. This can ruin your business over time. Just in case your property for sale in Spain happens to be different from others, you can afford to ask a higher price!

  2. Agent commissions: This will be another deciding factor when you put your property for sale in Spain. Commission rates for most real estate agents range between 5 to 10 percent. You can often accomplish a suitable workable tradeoff between the asking price and the commission rate. If the commission is high but you are certain that you will get more buyers, then you can afford to reduce the asking rate.

  3. Going your own way: There may be times when you feel that you can put up the property for sale in Spain all on your own. Our recommendation would be not to make the mistake of going on your own. It is always best to hire a reputed, professional real estate agent. Just in case you do decide to independently put up your property for sale in Spain, make sure you follow these tips:

    1. Make sure to have a ‘FOR SALE’ signboard in front of your house. This always gets the attention of buyers.

    2. Take good pictures of your home, with well positioned lighting for better effect. It will help sell your home better.

    3. Write compelling content on the description of your home. If written well, buyers are sure to come soon.

    4. Have the provision to have viewings within a short notice.

    5. Once the sale is made, engage a good lawyer to help you negotiate the contract

    6. Close the deal as quick as possible. Buyers are always indecisive which can mean losing out on the property for sale in Spain at the last minute.

Get in touch with the industry experts at for more details. Steve Magill has written several articles with regard to the Spanish property business. As a Fellow in the British Association of Entrepreneurs (FBAE) he is considered an expert consultant when it comes to real estate in Spain.

For more information about the property for sale in Benlamadena Costa please complete our property criteria report.


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10 secrets every spanish property buyer should know
10 Secrets Every Spanish Property Buyer Should Know
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