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Hablas Espanol?

Are you planning to move to Spain? Are you already spending more and more time in Spain? Are you holidaying or living in Spain?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, at some point in life you’ve probably thought about learning Spanish or you have tried to learn Spanish.

Many people believe that there is no need to learn Spanish as “everyone over there speaks English”. There is an increasingly large English speaking ex pat community in Spain and lots of hotels, restaurants and bars employ people who can speak English.

However, not everyone does speak English. If you’re moving to a new home in the sun, speaking Spanish to local builders, trades people or utility services means that you can deal direct with these people and you’ll get a superior, faster service. Also, if something did go wrong, you are in a better position to sort out the difficulty yourself.

Learning Spanish

People often say:” I will learn Spanish when I move out there”. But the sooner you start learning the better. It will provide endless opportunities to understand and learn about Spanish culture and their way of life. You will be able to converse with the locals and submerge yourself into Spanish life.
 What is the best way to learn Spanish? Can anyone learn to speak Spanish?

Many people believe learning languages is not for them. Flashbacks form their schooldays are filled with chanting verbs and vocabulary. However, things have changed dramatically. There are many different ways to “learn the lingo”. The question everyone should be asking: How can I learn Spanish?

Local colleges:
This is a cheap way of learning conversational / holiday Spanish. This can be a good starting place. However, it depends upon the teacher and the group size. In the autumn term, numbers can be as high as 40 in a class. However, by Christmas the numbers have lessened and the true learning experience can begin. Before signing up to the course, try and find out about the tutor (qualifications, whether Spanish is their first / second language).

Language holiday:
This is one of the best ways to learn a language. You study in international groups of like minded people and often you can stay with a local host family. Enjoy a fun, practical holiday, which will also boost your confidence in speaking and understanding Spanish. Check out:

Made to measure:
Some specialist organisations can provide made to measure training for you and your family. Trainers will come into the home/office. You choose the content, the time and the style that best suits you. The organisation will analyse your needs and test your levels in Spanish before developing your personal programme. Check out:

Phrase books:
A practical guide that’s portable and easy to use. However, they don’t teach you the language and the pronunciation. Some are better than others. The BBC and the Lonely Planet phrase book are highly recommended as they are well organised and have sections with “what you might hear”. It’s worthwhile spending some time flicking through your newly purchased phrase book to ensure you can quickly and easily find the Spanish word / phrase you are searching for.

Numerous CD Packs are for sale. The old saying “you pay for what you get” rings true. Some of the more expensive CD’s released by companies such as Champs -Elysees, Linguaphone and Michel Thomas are very comprehensive.

If you have already moved overseas, you’ll usually find a local language school offering Spanish lessons. You can also sign up for additional one to one lessons or find a trainer to come to you.

These days learning a language can be a fun, positive, interactive experience. It’s all about activating your language. It’s far more important to have the right words on the tip of your tongue. Knowing the language also develops friendships and creates a deeper understanding of Spanish culture.  Que tengas suerte!

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