Funding Freedom Provides Equal Opportunity For Spanish Property Investors
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Funding Freedom Provides Equal Opportunity For Spanish Property Investors

No longer is Spain a destination reserved for the rich and famous. Significant changes in the Spanish property market have resulted in funding options opening up to allow financing not only of 100% of the sale price of the property, but the additional taxes and costs incurred such as those for VAT, lawyers, and stamps, as well.

Where previously you needed a 30% down payment on a Spanish property plus up to 14% for the additional taxes and costs, in many cases, now you need nothing!

Amid qualms that the market is suffering, seasoned investors know that the Spanish property market – like anywhere else, including the UK – goes in swings and roundabouts.

Currently the emerging property markets in Bulgaria and Romania seem to have the edge over that of the staid Spanish one. However, it’s important to keep things in perspective.

Whereas there is an abundance of information available online about Spain and the Spanish property market, the property markets of Bulgaria and Romania remain fairly unknown and poorly-promoted, beautiful as the areas may be.

An incredible amount of money is pouring into Spain to upgrade its facilities, including the Malaga airport and seaport, the Malaga-Fuengirola railway, the marina at La Cala de Mijas, and the AVE line from Madrid, to name but a few. In Bulgaria and Romania, they have yet to rouse the interest of foreign investors on a large scale.

Spain also boasts the most golf courses in Europe, sunshine for almost 90% of the year, and a solid infrastructure, which is the envy of many other countries in the region! Eastern Europe’s emerging property markets have none of these...possibly why it is so much cheaper to buy there than in Spain at the moment.

But is getting a property at the lowest price really ALL you want? Part of the appeal of the Spanish property market is that it is so well-established. There are regular flights in and out of Malaga airport, a fairly substantial ex-pat community in most resorts, and a reputation that’s hard to dispute. Proposed plans for a Disney theme park has done nothing but entice the family tourist market more.

It is true that various disreputable goings-on have marred the Spanish property market a little – off-plan developers not giving quite what was promised and the like – however that happens everywhere – even in the UK, so not really a surprise. There is always going to be someone who gets a little greedy and ruins it for the rest. A pity, but that’s life.

The key is to be careful. Astute investors use everything to help them with their investments. This includes conversations with the neighbours of the proposed property, which now – thanks to the new approach by developers regarding no deposit  - could be Catherine Zeta-Jones or Cilla Black, as equally as it could be Joe Bloggs from the northwest.

For those who have been trying in vain to save enough for a deposit on a place in Spain, this new trend in the Spanish property market is a blessing in disguise.

I mean, where else in the world can you buy property without putting even a cent down?

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