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8 great reasons why you should invest in Costa Del Sol property


Costa Del Sol: one of the best places in Spain


Most Spanish people will tell you that if there is one place in Spain worth settling down in, it’s Costa Del Sol. Why? Simply because of its magnificent scenic beauty, the sprawling golf courses, numerous places for sight-seeing and a very pleasant climate. All these things are highly conducive to living in Costa Del Sol.


8 reasons to invest in Property in Costa Del Sol


Costa Del Sol is not just a great place to live in, it is ideal for property investment as well. 


Here are 8 reasons why you should invest in Costa Del Sol property.


      1. Rising prices - Costa Del Sol property prices have recorded a rise of 20% and this is just expected to escalate even more! Therefore, it is ideal to invest in property in this area for the sheer resale value it will provide. Many people capitalized on this opportunity and made a lot of money in a very short time.


      2. Easy to raise funds for mortgage loans – Most Spanish Mortgage lending firms allow foreigners to raise funds for a mortgage loan from either Spain or the UK. The way to do this is either through the mortgage of an existing piece of property, or getting a personal loan. This way you can save a lot while investing in a Costa Del Sol property.


      3. Eastern coast is more profitable – The eastern part of Costa Del Sol is more conducive to property investment because of the lower prices there. The Eastern Costa Del Sol property ranges also provide better return on investment. This is one reason this area is a favourite among investors.


      4. Off plan investments yield significant returns – Most foreigners prefer to purchase off plan investments in Costa Del Sol. Such Costa Del Sol property has the unique advantage of being low priced. The reason being the unit is bought before the work on it has been finished. Usually the return on investment on such properties sees a yield of 60 to 70 percent. Most investors seem to make a profit of 25 to 50 percent within the first 18 months of investment.


      5. High resale value – The primary reason why Costa Del property has proved to be so popular as an investment target, is the high resale value it provides. The attractive homes, lovely climate and easy accessibility, all make real estate prices soar and provide a higher yield on resale.


      6. Better affordability – When compared with other European countries, Costa Del Sol offers better affordability. That is the reason most youngsters, especially under their 30s are able to invest in homes in Costa Del Sol.


      7. Renting it for sometime – If you invest in Costa Del Sol property, one advantage you will enjoy is being able to rent it out in the peak holiday seasons. This will fetch you astronomical sums of money within a short duration.


      8. High quality of construction – The rising popularity of Costa Del Sol as a property investment haven, has seen the emergence of high quality standards in construction. This combines all the modern luxuries along with fundamentally strong engineering concepts.


Steve Magill is an expert in the Spanish real estate field. As a partner in and a specialist property finder he is also a Fellow in the British Association of Entrepreneurs (FBAE). Having authored numerous articles on this topic, he holds international renown for this expertise. 

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